Sunday, November 13, 2011

Buy Hip Hop Beats That Effectively Reflects the Emotions of Your Lyrics

With many recording artists style, swag, rhyme scheme, execution, and delivery finding the right beat that matches their overall persona as an artist can sometimes be a matter of trial and error. When an artist sought out to buy hip hop beats they sometimes find themselves stuck with a track that did not work for them. As a recording artist/producer myself I've made that mistake in the beginning of my career. I've purchased instrumentals and recorded on them just to find that it was an utter waste of time and dissatisfaction. Even with one of my best beats I've created my style didn't match the vibe and emotion the track was emitting.

You've got to be aware of what you're capable of and not capable of when singing or rapping over a song. Not everyone is a Rick Ross, Wayne, Drake, Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, etc. For me it took me 6 years to find my true style and what beats worked for me. If you're new and unaware of what you sound like and never been in a studio I suggest you get yourself an mp3 recorder or old school tape deck. Record yourself over a track in the back ground to gauge where you might stand as far as your style goes then evolve from there.

My motto is "Our Music Is Amplified Through Its Evolution". And how true this statement stands. Recording yourself in the way I described above is one of the most passive ways for you to better understand your style. Not to mention it's also a great method for building your freestyle rap as well. But that will be in another article. So be sure to research the numerous sites they have online pertaining to beats. For me I find instrumentals that have chill, Mo town samples with 808s and what not added to them to be my best choice. I speak about realistic chill things when I flow.

I'm not pissed about my position so why rap about something or style I'm not. You should do the same so I say again make sure you do your extended research before you partake on a project that my only make you waste valuable time in and out the studio. Then again it sometimes takes a few cycles of trial and error to find the right path on what reflects your true style as a recording artist.

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