Saturday, January 14, 2012

Club Lights - Getting the Right One

There are a lot of things that you need to consider when you choose to start a club as a business. This includes things like the location that is suitable and accessible for your target population, getting the right DJ and crew for your club, the drinks and food items that you will be serving, etc. However, aside from these things, another important thing that you need to look into is getting the right lights for your club.

Club lights will either help build your club's reputation or it can be the cause of its downfall. People going to clubs find it relaxing and enjoyable to be in dimly lit spaces. However, if you have too little lighting, this can cause other problems for you and your patrons. Spills and falls can become a common occurrence if you're club is too dark. Also, it would be hard for your patrons to see each other and what's going on around them.

You can choose from several options when it comes to club lightings, which can illuminate your club as well as provide dazzling effects. This includes items like:

1. Black lights - this type of illumination gives off ultraviolet radiation and very little visible light at the same time. This is due to the dark blue optical filtering material which is placed within the bulb. The light emitted by the bulb is filtered, allowing very little visible light to pass through. However, the ultraviolet light can also create a fluorescent glow on the surfaces of certain materials.

2. LED Par-cans - par cans are lighting equipments that can give great emphasis on a certain area. This is being used for commercial, transportation or even residential purposes. Common par cans only emit a single color of light and can easily heat up when used. However, LED par-cans are different. They can provide color to large areas in your club, as well as provide consistent color throughout a room or a performing stage. Compared to regular par-cans, they also have a quick on and off capability, quick color change effects, and also have dimming options. They also function in a much lower temperature compared to regular par cans, which limits any possibility of overheating or burn injuries.

3. LED moving heads - these lighting equipments are great for onstage or party lighting. They are designed to rotate and move in different directions, illuminating different parts of the stage or room. Most LED moving heads come with standard color LED lights of red, blue and green, which creates a lot of color possibilities when blended together.

4. Fiber optic lighting - if you need something to illuminate an area while having a decorative purpose as well, then you might want to consider placing this kind of lighting into your club. This can type of lighting equipment can provide an area with ample illumination, while having the capability to change colors on cue.

5. DMX controller - it would be hard to control every piece of lighting equipment that you have in order for them to go with the music or the atmosphere in your club. However, with a DMX controller, you can have an automated light show that can go with the beat of the music. With this equipment, you can set up your lighting equipments, foggers, dimmers or anything that you want to connect to the computer to follow a certain program or to function automatically.

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